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Business Tax Returns

We prepare and lodge tax returns, business activity statements and taxable payments annual reports (where required) for all types of business including sole traders, partnerships, trusts and companies.

Call us to arrange a no-obligation review of your situation or if you would like to have the financial statements and tax return for the trading entity prepared and lodged for FREE, check out our Bookkeeping Package.

The traditional approach.

Traditionally your bookkeeping is done by a someone other than your accountant. At year-end, your accountant needs to take the time to familiarise themselves with the year’s transactions, make any corrections and process any tax related adjustments not normally prepared by the bookkeeper. This approach results in unavoidable doubling handling of the same information at a greater cost to you.

The Better Way

The way to avoid the double handling – have your accountant prepare your books from the beginning. By keeping your books throughout the year, we have a better understanding of your business and can deal with any issues that arise – as they arise.

Prior to tax time, we can engage with you to discuss implementing tax planning strategies to help avoid any surprises come tax time. No double handling of the same information means the trading entity’s financial statements and tax return can be prepared in a timely and cost-effective manner. We save time and you save money.

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How Does The FREE Tax Return Work?

Our FREE TAX RETURN offer is based around the idea that once we help you with your bookkeeping you enjoy significant savings by getting Boon to do your bookkeeping and your tax return – paying one person instead of two.

The problem with the traditional approach.

Traditionally your bookkeeping is done by a separate person to your accountant. At the end of the year your accountant needs to come in and fix any mishaps that happened during the bookkeeping process. This can be a lengthy process and costly for business owners.

The better way is to have your accountant do the bookkeeping during the year so that come tax time, your tax return will be prepared with a much more efficient fee structure and you as a business owner stand to benefit.

Boon is working hard to keep his overhead costs low, so that Intaxnet can offer bookkeeping services at rates that are highly competitive with other bookkeepers in Perth.
What’s even better, Your Tax Return Will Be FREE*!

FREE Tax Return For Bookkeeping Clients

$550 / month + GST
  • Preparation and lodgement of quarterly BAS
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Transaction posting
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • Free* Tax return for the trading entity
  • Free access to document storage
Need More?
You can add: to your package.

It’s easy to add payroll to your bookkeeping package at $20 + GST per employee, per month.

To get a clearer picture of your business performance you can choose to add performance reporting to your monthly bookkeeping package. This provides you with key business performance metrics and KPIs on a quarterly basis (cost of $50 + GST / month).

To improve your business you need financial insights and we can help with this.

Why Bookkeeping Packages

Bookkeeping made affordable and easy

Every business owner has monthly income and expenses. As your bookkeeper we make sure that your classifications are on point and that your business activity statement (BAS) is lodged on time.

Our monthly packages support your business so that you and your staff can focus on daily operations.

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